Should the 2022 FIRST Championship be called 2020 FIRST Championship?

The Olympics can do it.

Jk they already sold the t-shirts for like $3

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Cups are still available.


No. Just no. :upside_down_face:

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I guess they’re calling the 2022 Championship the 2021 Championship


Dean’s just figuring out the “Social Media” works. Give him a break.


From a presentation from a DEKA representative 4 years ago at Purdue:

“Up until recently, the company had 150 employees. 149 were engineers and 1 was marketing. Dean is the soul person in charge of running that portion of the company.”

I read running as ruining oops. Probably also true… /j

Who is even doing social media for FRC anymore after Jamee Luce left?

From my understanding they contracted it out now.

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Total guesswork here, but would likely just be the responsibility of their Marketing department, just as they have with their other social platforms (‘main’ FIRST and the program-specific pages)?

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