Should the average (50th percentile) team be able to acquire/score both game pieces?

  • Definitely needs to
  • Probably needs to
  • Probably doesn’t need to
  • Definitely doesn’t need to

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If we take 2019 as our analog the average team seemed to focus on one task and a different team focused on the other task. The top 10% of teams at an event were fully capable of either option. With the average team being better at one of the two things. This gap closed as the season progressed.

I do seem to recall the average team having the capability to do both things though.

So TLDR: The average team will have the capability to do both, but they will have a preference.


Average team is a team just on the edge of not getting picked at an event - a team that can successfully manipulate both game pieces will not be available that far in the draft at an average event


This poll has convinced me that people don’t know what the 50th percentile team looks like


The difference between “Should” (in the title) and “Needs to” (in the poll) is a pretty significant.


I feel like without a separate climbing mechanism to focus on this year that being able to do two game pieces isn’t particularly unreasonable. But it depends. I’ll have a better idea once the everybot comes out and once I do some of my own prototyping to figure out how difficult it is to manipulate the game pieces. I was 50/50 between should and should not, so it’ll be interesting to see what ends up being the case.

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FWIW, in cycling games since 2005:

The 50th percentile team at Championship averaged ~2.3 teleop cycles per match.
The 50th percentile team at early season events averaged ~0.9 teleop cycles per match.

These numbers are very approximate (I should probably drop one sig fig), but the trend is very consistent. I plan on doing a deeper dive into these numbers in the next edition of Effective FIRST Strategies, but they confirm the rules of thumb I’ve been using on cycling over the years.

/edited to clarify these stats represent teleop cycles


Does this mean it is time to fire up the yearly “how many game pieces do you think you will score per match” poll? You know… just to drive home the optimism bias?


Being optimistic at kickoff is half the fun!


You mean your team isn’t going to single-handedly score 25 game pieces in a match?!

The mystical couch division teams always max out scoring :wink:

As for real teams. No.