Should threads asking if things "should be illegal" be illegal?

Title says it all. But you can vote below.

  • Make them illegal
  • No, I like the trolling
  • Isn’t this a silly question?

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Mods please read before locking thread


But seriously, two in two days (not counting this one) is 1.5 too many for my taste. Next we’ll have someone asking if breathing should be illegal.


Is that a challenge? :wink:


Woah. Never knew you could do a pie chart

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It’s an option when setting up the poll. I decided to use it just because…

Pie charts should be illegal, along with any analytical method that is at least as complex as a pie chart. Methods for clearly presenting quantitative results give some teams an unfair advantage.


Yes this is sarcasm.


Chief Delphi should be illegal


Pie charts are useful for one thing, though… Make 'em of whipped cream divided into sections, and you can win any argument with someone who doesn’t like your numbers. :wink:

I will make it legal

And the Jedi?

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The GDC should never have brought them into this. Visit them at Galaxy’s Edge immediately.

Actually, wait till quarantine is over.