Should we be able to kneel during the National Anthem

Now this question may be controversial, however with everything going on I think this is an important question to ask? Should volunteers, students, parents, staff be able to kneel during the National Anthem? I’m intrigued to know all of your opinions.



Who’s going to stop them?


they’re already able to, its specifically allowed in the game manual - nice bait tho


Oh i didn’t know that thanks for letting me know


this question is like so two and a half years ago


wow squoosh has made a comeback nice


I’ve seen it before at events. Nobody questioned it.

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I will never kneel for the national anthem, nor will I respect the choice being made by those who do.

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Curious, whats the reason for this?

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A gentle reminder to everyone that Chief Delphi is a forum, not a chat room, and we should be making substantial posts. This is the not the place for one sentence takes of your two cents on an issue, and it’s certainly not the place for one sentence snarky replies. To have a discussion you should, ideally, make points that you build on and back up. Let’s take our time posting please.


With all due respect, I think this is rather extreme, especially given (as I see it) kneeling for the national anthem is a way to both show respect for those who died in pursuit of our ideals as a nation, and protest the issues today that prevent us from reaching “liberty and justice for all” – it was actually originally suggested by a veteran as a way to protest that still isn’t disrespectful (like sitting and ignoring the anthem).


You are entitled to your opinions.

Others are entitled to theirs, and kneeling may be one way they express their opinions. Would I personally kneel during the anthems? No. But I understand why those that do are doing it, and have no issue with them doing so, as long as they do so peacefully.


Protesting the government is as American as apple pie. Moreso, actually.


I for one will never respect those violent antifa thugs who threw thousands of pounds of tea into the Boston Harbor!!!1!!


I’m gonna go kneel in front of the Union Jack in solidarity with the British and their poor, innocent tea.


Why do you think that?

Why do you choose to share this opinion?

What’s the endgame here?


Some folks view kneeling during the national anthem as a protest (insult) against the country itself. Many of these people highly rank honor and tradition as important personal values to live by.

Other folks take a more nuanced view, and view kneeling during the national anthem as a protest against actions taken by that country. Many of these people view their freedom of expression (even at the expense of potentially offending others or tradition) as important personal values to live by.

These are both personal sets of opinions and values. Neither side is “correct” - they are both viewpoints protected by the First Amendment.

We’d have a significantly less polarized society if both of these groups acknowledged the right of the other side to have their opinion, and simply agree to disagree.


This absolute refusal to respect other people’s opinion is a lot of what is wrong with the world right now.

Or, to quote Star Wars, “only a Sith deals in absolutes”.


I’d agree this is a first step. I’d also argue we need to move past the biases that cause us to have these differences of opinions and dig to the core of what the dispute is actually over.

Peacefully acknowledging a difference in belief is good in the measure it allows for continued discussion. Continued discussion and truth seeking is what drives people to better states of being.