Should we replay infinite recharge? [Poll]

I am very curious of people’s current opinions on whether or not we should replay infinite recharge in 2021. Obviously there’s still a lot of time between now and then, and things will change. I know my own opinion on the matter has changed several times as we learn more about the state of the world. As someone who will be a 2021 senior, here are my thoughts.

Right now, barring some miracle that allows us all to go back to work tomorrow and finish infinite recharge in the fall, here’s my thoughts.

Infinite recharge is too good of a game not to be played. Personally this is my favorite game in a long time (I witnessed 2015-2017 and have competed in 2018-2020). The stickiness of the balls made for a good design challenge, and I love a good shooting game. Fun to watch, fun to play, and a great design challenge. The amount of teams who did not get to compete is in my opinion substantial enough to warrant a replay of the game.

As a 2021 senior, I would love to have Infinite Recharge be my last game. I understand the concern about it effecting two seasons instead of one, but I think this is the best way to ensure that DOESN’T happen. In large part due to…

Financial reasons. A lot of people have lost their jobs, and many companies a lot of profit. It looks like this year is going to be especially hard for teams trying to get funding after paying for a robot they never got to use. Replaying the game would mean teams already have paid the registration fee and for the robots and can focus funding on improvements and championship level events. Given the widespread nature of the economic downturn, I would hate to see people who don’t get to compete and lose their teams because of this.

Build season more likely to be effected than comp season: The longer we wait for the large gatherings that are competitions, the more likely that a vaccine is found and the states and countries reopen. There could be some areas still effected (especially if we reopen too early and there is a second deadlier wave) during build season making teams unable to meet, but as we approach early spring for competitions it becomes more likely that we can get as many people to play as possible.

These are my current thoughts, but it is definitely subject to change based on the situation. I am really curious to hear what your opinions are, so I will put a poll here.

  • I would like to replay infinite recharge in 2021
  • I am unsure if we should play infinite recharge in 2021
  • I do not want to replay infinite recharge in 2021
  • I am okay with playing infinite recharge in 2021
  • other (Comment down below)

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I’m all for it, almost entirely for financial reasons. Money is going to be tight for everybody in the 2021 season, FIRST included. Replaying Infinite Recharge means that teams save money on robots and field elements, and FIRST saves money on competition fields. It would be a great way to help us all limp across the finish line, and to limit the amount of lost teams we have next year. If FIRST plays 2021 like nothing happened, we’re going to lose a lot of FRC teams. I believe it would permanently damage the program.

It doesn’t hurt that Infinite Recharge is a great game that a ton of teams never got to play.

Edit: for anyone saying "man, it’s going to suck for those other teams that don’t have money next year, think again. Every single teams is going to face fundraising problems next year. Your team is going to struggle.


Not related to the poll, but does anyone have any idea what this means?


I don’t know why, but I unable to vote


Sorry this is my first time making a poll on this site. I very well may have screwed it up.
Tried to edit it so anyone can vote, but it won’t let me make changes after the first 5 minutes. Sorry D:

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I’m on the train with this too.

I would want FIRST to tweak a few things (and if FIRST continues with cross-program themes, they’d have to), but I think you could take the bones of Infinite Recharge and make a fun game that lets the bottom of the teams carry over a lot of knowledge and gear while the top tier will still iterate endlessly on whatever is different or needs perfecting.

Shave $5,000 off the cost of one field next year, and it’s about $200,000 saved. (FIRST would’ve run 37 events in Week 4, I’d be surprised if the idle-that-week Turkey field didn’t stay there, there’s historically a complete spare field stashed in case of disaster, and maybe I missed one somewhere.)


So, when CD moved over from php to Discourse, everyone who was already a member was put into the “registered” group. Any members who joined since then (Feb 2019, I think) are not part of the “Registered” group. When you create a poll, there is an option for “Allowed groups.” Pretty much any reasonable person would select “Registered” when given that option, but it actually means that the only people who can vote are stodgy old people people who have had an account for a while.


Thank you for the info! I’ll make sure to use that going forward. For those who can’t vote I’d still love to hear what you think.

I honestly don’t know whether or not to play the game again. I loved Infinite Recharge as a game since it was my first exposure to a FRC shooting game. But I don’t know if I would want to play the game again. It really does depend on the changes that FIRST will make to the game if it is replayed for me

It would probably be financially beneficial to FIRST and many FRC teams to replay infinite recharge in 2021 but I think FIRST should make some modifications to the points awarded for interacting with certain field elements (climbing should be worth less and control panel should be worth more and not have such a high requirement in order to get the RP). I also think it would be good to replay the game because many teams did not get the chance to bring their bots to a regional and due to many businesses being hit hard financially by COVID 19, it might be harder to get funding to build another bot for next year



I will elaborate later and I can’t vote but I’ll say I believe that for purely selfish reasons


Thank you for this very insightful post


What many people want to happen and what eventual realities will permit to occur are quite possibly going to be very, very different things. Right now, the list of roadblocks to finishing and releasing a brand new game would seem to me to be much, much longer than the list of things that must happen in order to replay the 2020 game.

Start a list of all the things that must happen in order for a new game to be deployed in 2021. I’d put “1. Being allowed to hold large public gatherings of sufficient size for an FRC event in 2021” at the top. Proceed from there.

Of course, that should also go on top of the “replay 2020” list. Whether the 2021 FRC season will be played at all in the manner which we are all accustomed is an entirely different conversation.

Stripping out all roadblocks that are common to achieving both poll options (really, that should be another thread entirely - a topic everyone must contemplate) , I bet you’d find deploying a new game to be much more daunting than rolling with resources that are already developed (and PAID FOR)…including and perhaps most importantly, current team robots, many of which haven’t even been put to competitive use.


I’m seeing a lot of responses along the lines of “I would replay it but there needs to be some kind of changes to the game”, which seems to be an interesting point not accounted for in the original survey. I don’t mean to distract from your original poll, Bri, but I am curious -

For those who responded to the first poll in this thread, which of these three options best describes your thoughts on this subject:

  • I want an entirely new game for 2021
  • I would be okay with replaying a version of Infinite Recharge that uses most of the same field and low-objective game elements provided the higher challenge elements and constraints are different
  • I want to play Infinite Recharge “as-is” with no modification

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My answer is “B and C.” I would be totally okay with FIRST re-tooling this game to fix the scoring balance issues with the control panel (or whatever else they want to do). I would also be okay playing as-is. Really, I just want something in 2021 that isn’t going to bankrupt a thousand teams.


No that’s not taking away at all! Thank you, I wish I’d thought of this as well. I think being able to reuse the same robots but with some changes is definitely a way to approach it. Still some sort of design challenge but much less expensive than rebuilding an entirely new robot. Maybe some software challenges as well? There’s a lot of potential for fixing stuff and balancing the game out that I would fully support FIRST taking advantage of.

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I think replaying might be the lesser of two evils

Do I think FIRST would go for that? No.