Should we rivet a plastic board to a metal bellypan and put the electronics on the plastic board?

See title. Someone said we should because it would make the robot safer if a wire accidentally exposes its metal.

Not worth it.

Now if they were talking about an all-wood bellypan, that’s worth it.

Plastic is an insulator, but some types can allow charge to build up, which then discharges and fries stuff.

The real question is, if you do your electronics properly, why would a wire expose to metal? And more to the point, why would it do that in such a way as to short-circuit?


I do this but with velcro so I can remove the electrical board easily if nessisary.

I second Eric. Not worth it. You shouldn’t have any bare wire to cause a problem. That said we do use a thin polycarb secondary belly pan over a heavily light weighted aluminum belly pan, but this is to give us a belly pan with no holes for wires to fall through without the weight
of a full aluminum belly pan.

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