should XauZan11 go to ATL

one of our mentors is known on the forums XaulZan11 is debating about going to atlanta we want to know what the first community thinks so please answer. thanks.

Many will likely chime in here with comments regarding the amazing teams that will be there competing, the fun, the energy, the opportunities to meet people from all over the world.

I would encourage you to encourage your mentor to attend Atlanta and take a walk through the Hall of Fame, even if it has been done before. By walking through the Hall of Fame, one gets a sense of the honor that has been earned by these teams that are so important to all of us and to FIRST.

To be able to walk the pits is an extraordinary experience. Many of the WFAs and WFFAs can be spotted at the Championship as well. It is a gathering and a celebration.

Good luck with this,

While I certianly appreciate my team’s campaign to persuade me to go, there are many more factors than just wanting to go (believe me, I would go in a heatbeat), mainly school. So, while it is nice to see people encourge me to go, it will probably have no effect on my final decision.

Yes he should go.

Your team wants you to go and we all want you to go.