Shout out to Automation Direct!

I just wanted to let everyone know how Automation Direct saved the day by giving us a solid state relay that allowed us to control our robot lights from the RoboRio. The team members had really stepped up their game with robot design this year with lighted carved out team numbers and name.

Thank you for attending FIRST Champs in Detroit and offering us this relay!

We forgot to bring our tube cutters and they gave us one to have!

Are you talking about a spike relay?

I don’t want to speak for the OP, but Automation Direct actually sells solid state relays comparable to the spike. I imagine this is what the OP was referencing. I was so excited when I found out! I always love new products from sponsers.

It replaced a spike relay. It is a true switch as opposed to an H bridge. We needed to make a connection, not reverse the polarity.

Isn’t ANY relay other than a spike illegal? Think it is rule 47. I can’t remember.

It would count as a custom circuit. Relays are not legal for actuator or compressor control.

Seriously though, Automation Direct is the best! They are always prepared with spare parts and more than willing to help teams any way they can! They really are a fantastic FIRST sponsor!

We were using the gift from Automation Direct to run the lights in our uprights. The first stage says Team 1729 and the second stage says Team Inconceivable. It’s pretty cool and they made our repairs possible. :slight_smile:

I was very impressed with the depth of knowledge the people at the AD booth had. The foresight to have a “try before you buy” ferrule + PCM there was super useful in convincing people that yes, we need ferrules. We might buy the tool from somewhere else but the quality of the ferrules themselves impressed me.