Shout out to Team 245!

I wanted to shout out team 245, Adambots, for being amazing alliance captains at IRI. They had an awesome run through quals which positioned them to be the 6th alliance captain. After drafting 33, 2767 and 6045, 245 made the decision to sit themselves and have the other 3 alliance partners play in all three playoff matches. It takes an extremely high level of self awareness, maturity, and professionalism to make this move.

Members of 245 were insanely helpful in coordinating alliance actions between matches. There were multiple 245 students available to help us in our pit between matches, checking if we were good to go, etc. They also helped coordinate timing for when we needed to queue to the field as we were making some robot repairs. Between each match 245 mentors were sharing videos of our matches and pointing out areas of improvement for the alliance as well as each team individually. It was really a masterclass in how an alliance partner can help contribute to overall alliance success with or without their robot being on the field. I want all of my alliance partners to be like 245.

I also want to thank @Murvar @Jim_Zondag @JVN @Cory_Walters and the many other fantastic mentors and students from 33 and 2767 for partnering with us. You all gave my students a transformational experience that they will carry with them for the rest of their high school robotics careers and beyond.


Had a great time playing with all, as well as you @Ryan_Swanson! Thanks everyone for a great weekend. 245 was great to work with.


Most definitely a choice to be thanking someone who is accused of giving alcohol to and trying to date recent alumni of the team they used to mentor (along with the implication that another team is allowing that person to mentor)


Pick a different thread for this. Or go ahead and create your own.

245, 33, and 2767 were amazing alliance partners and my students had great experiences with all involved.


Definitely a admirable move, reminds me of what 4329 did on Newton to win their division. It was fun playing against you guys, hope to see everyone there next year!