Show and tell: That time when we built

Just to whittle down the time and show some stuff off pre kickoff. Please show off some stuff you built for the coolness factor!

That time when @Mark_Wasserman and I built an all plywood kiwibot with independent suspension, 6cim drive and no fastners (besides motor/gearbox interface)
Approximately by weight:
1/3 battery
1/3 motors
1/3 other stuff

(Wishing I had more pictures)


I love it’s cute little faces



Yeah the plan was to use those “eyes” to mount a superstructure (this thing has a very low CG), but we just plugged those hole for the time being.

It was used as a test article for prototyping out of 3mm plywood. Just to learn the techniques for design/ router work.

I’ll have pictures soon but 8622 is working on a water bottle recycler.

It takes the water bottles, cuts it down, and melt it into 3D printable filament spools.

We’re hoping to use 100% recycled 3D printed parts for the 2023 season. Again, photos to follow.


Yeah - I want to see all about this.


I’m curious why a kiwi drive would require an independent suspension… 3 points define a plane so you shouldn’t ever have an issue with one of the wheels being off the ground.

Insanely cool project!

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Ok - I’ll show and tell. This is just the very beginning of the canister-fed t-shirt cannon that we are building. The pneumatic system is done and tested and we are going to continue on the project after Build Season. And yes - there will be ZERO PVC parts on the system. :smiley:


'cause we like to party.


The true answer, as Mark said, is:

In “pretend to justify it” land:

  • we haven’t had a flat field since 2014 (or 2017 depending how you look at it), not that this is a comp bot (obviously), you all are in trouble when we have a spherical field, this puts us light years ahead the curve :wink:
  • keeps all wheels in contact with ground during full reverse direction (rd) slams
  • came for free
  • this was designed in 2020 and it was a weird time

looks at the earth

Uh, oh!

It would be cool if the game required an “over the horizon” vision system.

Does this count?

We took our practice drive base (swerve) to an offseason event in 2019. In order to get the robot up to the max legal weight, we mounted a Pushing Power Cube ™ to the base which was loaded with CIM Motors and other items of immense mass. We mounted a camera on the “front” for the drivers to use, but, because it was swerve and there is no “front” the drivers decided that they needed something that offered a bit more visibility. So we grabbed a beach chair and lashed it to the top of the cube. The chair was high enough to be seen over the top of the cargo ship and made it easy to tell (a) where the robot was located as well as b) how it was oriented.

We played defense.

It was so much fun to watch. I have never had more fun watching an FRC event and the drivers reported that they have never had so much fun driving.

Coolness factor? Check!

Chair-man’s award? Yup!

Memeworthy? You bet:


Now THAT is awesome!!! We would consider buying one for our trade shows. The yellow pieces are 3DP parts?

Working on code now, will have videos demonstrating process.

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