Show-me Showdown

Last night a couple of my robotics friends came over to make driving to the state fair easier in the morning. We got up, well, left (no sleep was found last night) at 5:30 am, and drove across Missouri to go to an off season event 3 days before school starts up. No one on the team knew what to expect.

The result? It was fantastic. All of us had a wonderful time. It allowed us to get driver practice, which I assume many other teams there are grateful for considering most drivers are seniors and at this time they have graduated. It also allowed students to step up and be the human player, or switch the bumpers and make sure a good battery was used for a match.

So, 1706 thanks everyone who helped put together the Show-me Showdown and hope everyone has a wonderful fall offseason.

It’s a wonderful event, put on by great people, in a location perfect for putting FIRST in the public eye. And this year, despite only having 12 teams, it was stacked with great robots, many of which were in St. Louis about 4 months ago, and two of which being field finalists at Worlds.

Also, huge thanks to team 4809 for being the alliance partner we needed to win the competition, you guys were fun to be around and play alongside, despite scaring us with that C-RIO power issue.

Congratulations to all the award winners, all the students, mentors, volunteers, and spectators that think spending one of your dwindling days of summer at a robotics competition is a great use of it.

Also, teams that were having radio troubles might want to get their robot and driver-station upgraded to be compatible with 5GHz WiFi before next year. The D-Link routers from the kit are already compatible, but you probably will need a $40 USB dongle for your laptop to be compatible with it. 2.4GHz only has 11 channels that all have overlap with other channels such that robots running on adjacent WiFi channels will interfere with each-other. 5GHz has 21 available channels (as long as there’s no interference with weather radars) which don’t overlap and interfere with each-other.
If you’re interested in a more in-depth explanation:

We had a great time at the event. It ran very smoothly & it was awesome to be able to get in so many matches, and run shortened eliminations within a single day. This being my first event with 4329, we now have a laundry list of improvements to make before Cowtown Throwdown in November and are looking forward to seeing everyone there.

We had a wonderful time at the Show-Me Show Down! Congratulations to all the teams for such a great event.

A big thanks goes out to the Lee’s Summit Alliance for allowing us to use your practice field for the event.

Team 2164 The Corps and Team 3284 Laser were in charge of putting all of this together and they did an amazing job. Thank you for all of your hard work.

We will look forward to hosting this event at the Missouri State Fair again next year.

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