Show me your biggest upsets!

Just curious, what’re your favorite upsets or unlikely wins that you’ve seen or experienced? Whether you were on the team or not, go ahead and post the teams, and a match video, or just tell a story! :smiley:


Statistically speaking it isn’t a huge upset (roughly 20% odds for us to win), but this year we beat the rank 1 alliance at Glacier Peak by a single point in finals. Their captain was 2910 so to us it seemed like our chances were much lower but we were able to win, somehow. Even making it to finals was close, we ended up winning our second semis match with a tie.

Later on at Roebling we almost beat 148 and 294, but lost by a single point. We did play our best defense of the year that match though (294 scored about once or twice the entire match), so either way I’m happy with how it turned out.


That time 1114 lost

That other time 1114 lost

That third time 1114 lost

Another time 1114 lost

An extra time 1114 lost


2019 Turing QF3M1 was a bit of an upset. M2 was decided in the first 30 seconds though.

For me, the first was Quals match 71 at Ontario DCMP in 2018. We should have by all metrics been outclassed but some quick early scale placement by 865 along with very precise placement down the stretch from 1310 managed to upset an alliance containing 5406 and 1241.

Also, winning Darwin division from the 6th seed in 2018 was at face value a pretty big upset, however those who knew exactly how good our second pick, 4917 were weren’t overly surprised. Still though, winning from the 6th seed and beating a very strong alliance that contained 5406 and 2481 was one of my favourite upsets to have been a part of.

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A win against 254 in 2017 was rare. We had one in St Louis.


Eighth-Finals 1 at MSC in 2016

Alliance 16 (5048, 548, 217) beat Alliance 1 (2767, 33, 1684) in 3


The entire finals at Florida’s Space Coast Showdown Off Season event this year.

Red Alliance: 179, 9979 (179s second bot), and 7431
Blue Alliance: 59, 233, and 5816 (my team)

Likely wasn’t as big an upset as it seemed then since 233 has an amazing bot, but with 5816 having a completely demolished scoring mechanism and only the ability to play defense, which they had never really done before this event, the chances felt stacked towards Red.

Timecode: 8:14:53 for the start of the first finals match.

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Curie 2016

Every single matchup in the bracket was an upset. As far as I know, it’s the only “perfect reverse bracket” in FRC history.


Team 117 was an alliance captain (and got into playoffs) for the first time in 9 years and made it to the semifinals! We were seed 8 and they were seed 1.

Tesla 2019 comes close.

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Tesla was not a perfect backwards bracket. The 6th seed beat the 7th and 8th, meaning the lower seed did not win in every round of playoffs.

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Ooooh. I learned something today. 2016 Curie was weird.

Oof, 2016 Newton. Alliance #7 (217, 3476, 4678, 188) swept through the #2 (1519, 118, 3309, 1676) alliance in quarters and pretty much took everyone else down all the way until alliance #1 (1241, 254, 1731, 708) which they took in 2 matches in the finals.


The first and last ones on that list are the big ones to me. However, in both cases, it wasn’t necessarily 1114 losing that was the upset. In the first case it was 469 losing that was a shock, and in the second it was 2056’s streak being broken after 23 consecutive regional wins. In both cases, 1114 was bringing a ton of firepower to the alliance but they weren’t “the star of the show,” if only because their alliance partners were so incredible both times.

I would also say that the second link is not really an upset either because of the hottest garbage I’ve ever witnessed in person…

Does something being upsetting count as being an upset? If so, a lot of Einstein 2012 can be thrown in that bucket.


Hmm, I’m not really sure. In the “sporting” sense I don’t consider it an upset in any aspect.

Not so much. 118’s alliance had the high score coming out of the QFs, and even 1114 understood it was all about the can grabbers when they came up with the famous harpoons.

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