Show me your partially rendered robot CADs!

You know that moment when you’re nyooming around the main assembly on a meh laptop and things start to get all blocky and half-recognizable? Post your best here.


#design-and-cad is the new Summer CD confirmed.


F4 430s bot for the gameday cadathon. kinda wish the game piece was a square now


1080ti i7 8700k and im still stuck here for a good 3 min, thanks onshape


It appears that Solidworks has taken a liking towards brutalism.


F4 team 278, Unpeeled Oranges:

2018 Winter CADathon:

FRC Team 7461, Binary Circles:
2019 season robot, Antares

2019 offseason robot 1, Shopping Cart:

2019 offseason robot 2, Doggo:

FRC Team 7461, Sushi Squad:

2020 season robot, Isopod

F4 Team 616, Subduction:

2020 Spring Special, Quake

Gonna be real this post was just an excuse to look at all the old robots I’ve designed


My favorite is when I’m working with my Butterfly Drive Module assembly, those Mecanum wheels look like a fun ride. I included a nice looking picture because, well, It looks good.


Hey at least it got the best part

Also that new intake/hopper is pretty sweet, reminds me of 3647 :wink:


Team 7285, Sneaky Snakes:
2020 Season Robot, Black Mamba


our 2020 robot, ME-79, she works like a never ending nightmare but it still works!

Pro Tip: when you can, use ethernet with onshape. My computer isn’t anything special but runs 1000x better with ethernet

Not sure if this is a problem on my end, im getting around 300mbps over wifi on my desktop. Maybe ill give it a shot for kicks and measure some regeneration times.

I am trying to nyoom but both of my computers are being absolute units :sob:

I GOT ONE! its minor but yea, Thie is the Ri3D FIRST Capital robot

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That’s weird. Never mind then lol

This is what I get when I try to CAD on my Chromebook. It’s terrible when I’m at home with my barely reliable internet (most of the time Onshape just gives up and it takes me half an hour just to get the CAD to load lol)

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