Show me your shop *pets*

I see @Kaitlynmm569’s post got flagged because it was a cat not a dog…


Show me your shop dogs

is just for shop dogs.

So feel free to share all shop pets here!


School chickens, as far as I’m concerned, are the shop pets. They’re also really chubby because of robotics leftovers. Here’s a few pictures:


I don’t have pics but we have shop ants


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Buddy this is strike two of you having an awful spirit toward new members. Please try to be a decent human being and a good mentor.


A very brief shop pet for us, we named him Merv.


That is amazing :joy:

Here’s another version of a temporary shop “pet”, wish he could’ve stayed to be mascot:


Oh - a reminder of a frightening episode from about 20 years ago. A mockingbird flew into All Saints River Ridge, while I was Junior Warden*. The nave (main area of the church where the pews are) of ASRR has about eight false “dormers” built into the roof to let in light and make the church look more like a residence from the outside, to fit the neighborhood. After flitting about for ten or fifteen minutes banging against both clear and stained glass windows, the mockingbird decided to perch near one of the dormers, about 15 feet above the floor. These dormers originally had venting windows (building designed during the1970’s energy crisis), but every window including the dormers had been replaced with solid glass by this time. I managed to climb an extension ladder propped against the side wall of a “dormer” with a towel and catch the mockingbird while simultaneously tossing the towel over its head - then come down the ladder on feet and elbows holding the bird in both hands. If I ever have to do that again, it will be far, far too soon.

* Junior Warden is the buildings and grounds guy, which means you get to deal with everything that invades the church, whether it’s vikings or birds and bees; some of my old SCA Viking buddies threatened, but I did have to deal with both birds and bees at All Saints. Now I’m Junior Warden at Christ, Slidell where the biggest invasion issues are mice and flying termites. These aren’t any more fun to deal with, but at least they don’t involve heights.

That sounds so scary! I am not a big fan of heights at all!

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Not quite a “shop” “pet” but more of an “event” “pest”



Where’s WallE?


Spell checker: did you mean Where’s Waldo?

Also, reminded by another topic, my father had a pet flying squirrel help him with his ham shack before he left town to join the Air Force (several years before I was born).

And a rather weird tale: At about the age of four, my brother Vernon named a stuffed turtle George, after the Three Dog Night song [sic] George to the World, which ultimately lead to a couple of red-eared turtles being named George and 'Enry [as in 'Enry the Eighth I am I am] as I grew up. We had these turtles for quite a few years before they passed. About three decades later (after Vernon had passed), @Gixxy at about age four named a turtle we found at the Audubon Zoo George. This George managed to escape a couple of years later while we were living in Bay St. Louis.

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No I did not