Show off your avatar

Building off of @waialua359’s post about 254’s awesome corndog avatar, I thought it would be fun to let people show off any avatar’s that they are particularly proud of.

Our team decided to use a multi-colored beach chair as our avatar this year:

This is a homage to our beach chair bot from our 2019 off season event:


It’s the return of the son of chairbot!

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By the way, I don’t think we’ll have our current avatar for our first competition tomorrow. It’s still pending after being submitted a month and a half ago, so who knows. It’s the core image from our new team logo (hurrah for branding!) Here’s the logo:

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we used pixel art version of our mascot as avatar (7285)


Both of ours were thrown together pretty quickly this year. But I’d like to take the opportunity to thank TBA for finally pulling in this year’s avatars. Now I can use WildRank to show ours off!

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