Show off your team website picture galleries and tell me a little bit about them!!!!

Ok, my webteam is annoying me. lol j/k (sort of)

I have given them a bunch of pictures to put on our website, but they have not touched any of them.

The reason? We need to find a nice looking gallery with a simple layout to use!

So, I’m asking all of you to show off your gallery from your team’s website and then please tell me either:

a) where you got it - (gallery template?)
b) or if you made it yourself (your webteam’s design?)

Thanks in advance! – custom, based on RAGE’s gallery, which in turn was based on ChiefDelphi’s gallery.

Our webdesigner created it himself. had a nice gallery running, but due to a server compromise, it’s down, but I’ll email the webmaster to find out what the program was called. The program was cool and allowed for even movies to be uploaded to the gallery, and it supported comments!

It could have been Gallery. We use it on our website and it works very well. It allows uploading of movies, comments, and a permissions system which allows you to restrict viewing of certain albums to particular users. It requires a webserver with PHP. It’s not real flashy looking or anything, but it does what it’s supposed to do well.

Ours can be found at the following URL:

I took the easy way - versions 7 and CS of Photoshop will automate these, based on parameters you set. I found it to be quite a nice tool, especially batch resizing of photos.

Ours can be found at . Due to compromise on server space etc, it is hosted externally. I didn’t have time to fix the website etc, so I used JALBUM to create the gallery


Team 103 Galleries are here:

Everything from the last three years is there - enjoy

The software was a free hack for the free XMB forum. You can’t get it anymore but I’ll send it to you if you want it. It finally looks and works really nice but it was a huge pain to set up, lots of bugs.

I ran an unofficial team page one year because we didn’t have access to our webserver. I made my own gallery in Perl. Now, for personal use, I use gallery. I don’t really like it… but I’m too lazy to write my own (because if I did, I’d like to release it… and continued development, bug fixes, and support are 3 things I’m not a huge fan of :D)

Here is our official pictures but I think this has become our unofficial picture page.

Our site is all phpbb 2 i think, but we are getting a new site next year : Watch this space. (New site is uber cool so far:) ) for photos etc (this years havn’t been uploaded for some reason,!)

this is ours:
you need to go to Archives, and up to Photos.
The first few are from 2003, then the rest from 2004.
And our webteam designed the layout.
It’s good, but we really need to get information on there instead of fussing with the layout and such.

Here is what I have for the HOT Team
In the left navigation bar, scroll to ‘Photo Gallery’. There is also a ‘Video Gallery’ too.

For our picture gallery, I took the raw images and put them onto a page (full size) and then auto thumbnailed them in Frontpage, or the equivelent in Dreamweaver, whichever I was using at the time. That was just for the 2004 and 2003 galleries, I don’t exactly know how the previous years were made (I did not make them), but I’m assuming in a similar way, but without the linking of images to another page. (longwinded enough?):smiley:

I really don’t like the gallery is set up right now, :mad: I’ll have to look into these gallery generating programs that have been discussed in this thread.