Show us your Plays!

I’d Like to hear about or see some cool plays that were made over this weekend.
I know out of our 5 wins, I had 3 Favorites:
First, there was the first time we found out that we could move Robodogs at will, and then there was the second match against robodogs in which we basically had complete control over them. Throughout the entire match we just pushed them where we wanted them.
My Third Fav. Is the Match that I only had 1 set of wheels touching the bottom of the ramp with 1 second remaining, when the buzzer sounded I was halfway up the ramp, and was on top by the end, and it counted for a nice shining 25 :slight_smile:
I basically had to gun it at the last second, and since our PWM’s were set to coast, our inertia from the boost carried us just right.
I’ll try to get some Pics and/or video clips up!

This thread has our flailer in action:

We hope to get some video of it working during our autonomous mode onto our website in the next few days. :cool:

Yeah CyberBlue, your bot was Awesome this year!
I think we may have some video of it in action too, but I’d have to check… :slight_smile:

The one time we actuly used out manipulator, we stole a human stack and got it to the top of the ramp. However we started turning around before we cleared the edge. Our wheel caught and jolted us enough to knock the stack =/. Almost had it though.

my favourite was the one time we got a small under-the-ramp bot stuck in our manipulator, and just sorta drove em around the field, into their stack.


Hmm… we’re kinda a small under the bar robot…
But We’re a tank!!!
Maybe we could schedule a sumo match…
Anyway, we did find out that we could drive on the side wall as well. As soon as I get that link up, you’ll see what I’m talking about…

1024 climbed untop of 1018 (pike) on the ramp and then we proceeded to snap our claws back and forth, ill try to get video soon but it was awesome

until the refs sored it wrong, onyl giving our team 25 for ramp points s o we had to protest and it mad everyone mad

*Originally posted by matt111 *
**1024 climbed untop of 1018 (pike) on the ramp and then we proceeded to snap our claws back and forth, ill try to get video soon but it was awesome

until the refs sored it wrong, onyl giving our team 25 for ramp points s o we had to protest and it mad everyone mad **

I saw that play; it was cool. Did the score get fixed?

One of the most exciting matches I saw was between my team 1038 and our alliance 830 against the number one seed 1022 and team 451. Early in the match team 830 was tipped over on the ramp. The match ended up in a tie. It was one of the most crazy things I had seen all day. You can find the match in the SOAP video collection of the Buckeye Regional, it’s match 108.

In our semi-final match in St. Louis, 525 fell over on the ramp. We were able to get under them with our moveable wedge. They pulled back on the sticks and were back on their wheels in no time. That made me smile. :slight_smile:


On behalf of Team 47, Chief Delphi, we want to thanks those who partner up with us: Team 33, the Killer Bees and Team 191, the X-Cats. We all appreciate it so much, even if we didn’t get to the Semi Finals, but hey, we got to the Quarter Finals. Thanks A lot!
Last but not least, CONGRATS to Team 27, the RUSH and those who partner up with you. (Sorry if I forgot!) You all did an amazing job! Keep it up. See you in HOUSTON, TEXAS. :smiley:

157 was knocked off the ramp and was flipped over, we righted our selves and was on the ramp again in 3 seconds right as the match ended. And anyone who was at the NH regional saw us do a complete flip and land on our wheels. We broke a tie wrap.

yeah they did finally get that sorted out.

There were a lot of complaints at St. Louis about the refs. that was definately not the only one.

My favorite play by my team is our practice round when our auto mode went into reverse and we crashed in to the bar. When went hit the bar, our bot was still moving and lifted the arena off the ground. Then they cut us off.

My other is when we beat 384 by 3 pts with their cheering section directly behind me

Well from my standpoint as a driver i dont know if i can pick just one.
In one of our practice rounds we stole a box from team 73 right out of their stacking mechanism, we have video somewhere.

But then in our 6th match we were trying to build a stack but i think it was 33 slamed into our arm sending our human player boxes flying and we were still able to pick up a box which was sideways and place it on top of another box (this was the first ‘odd’ stack of the day with weird orientation boxes being stacked that we know about) giving us the multiplier then we hauled it and were able to get back on top and we almost were able to push 378’s arm down enough that it touched the grating, but alas it was barely not touching and we lost by 1 point. (39-40)

Then there was our last qual match when we tiped on our back but 695 righted us while 1122 pushed us from the other side to keep us on our back. But we were still able to get on top and push 1122 off to score 124…great match!

My favorite play at the Sacramento Regional was in the semifinals against 295 and some other team (I can’t remember who). There were about 5 seconds left, and both of the other alliance’s bots were on the ramp. I drove our robot up, pushed both of their robots off the ramp, got on the ramp, and our alliance partner (fembots) got on the ramp also (they might have been pushing too, all of the elimination rounds are a blur to me) and we made sure the other bots couldn’t get back on in the remaining few seconds. After that match, the IFI guy came over and told our alliance that that was the play of the day.

Another cool play was at the end of the finals when Cheesy Poofs had one of their arms down which locked into the ramp mesh with like 7 seconds left in the match. I backed our robot into them, their robot got lifted up a little bit, and finally the arms got separated from the ramp and we pushed them off and got on.

Last cool play-
I’m not sure which elimination round this was, but the Fembots were headed up the ramp with little time left. Right as their front caster touched the HDPE, the clock ran out. The Fembots coasted up onto the ramp and we won that round. It was really cool.

I’ll have to agree with 356, seeing them pick us up after we fell was one of the 2 best points of my FIRST career…the other being in the match before that where 16 when flying over the ramp in autonomous mode, with us going right behind them, clearing the top of boxes in 5 seconds…that was too cool.

Did anyone see team 131 take on two robots for a whole match because their alliance partner caught fire before the match even started. 131 won that match by a big margin. One of the greatest matches i’ve ever seen. GREAT JOB DRIVING KIMBLE!!!