Show us your T-Shirt collection!

Here’s my collection of shirts. I plan on expanding it over the next few seasons.


I don’t have a big enough lens.
Not many team shirts but 15 years of competitions. Probably 150 to 200 event shirts. The oldest being 2005 PARC.


I have alot so cant put pictures but my list is below.

16 black widow
148 robowranglers
118 horizon shirt
118 team shirt
148/118 space cowboys
148 victory spins
217 Thunder Chickens
254 cheesy poofs 1x m and 2x L
316 lunatecs
341 miss daisy
1114 simbotics
1619 upper creek team shirt
2056 streak
2451 team shirt
3847 hoodie
4414 High tide shirt
2017 World Champs Alliance

Shirts I want to add to my collection: 1678, 359, 4613,


all of the clothes NOT in my dresser. what’s in my dresser is too big to fit on one bed


I have collected a couple…
115 MVRT Hoodie
118 Robonauts shirt
2614 MARS shirt
2 325 Respawn Robotics shirts
1816 Green Machine shirt
2468 Team Appreciate Jersey
2 22508 SUPERNOVA polos
4 6652 Los Tigres shirts and hoodie
8214 Cyber Unicorn sweater
2 6989 KAISER hoodie and shirt
4099 The Falcons championship shirt
5331 shirt

And my collection continues to grow :grin:



Same on event tee’s from the last 20 years (most of which don’t fit). Still have a shirt from my first event; Fall Fury 2003 hosted by 213 The Dirty Birds

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Let’s just put it this way.

This is what I took to champs. The bag on the right held everything I needed to live and function for 4 days. The bag on the left is stuff to trade.


:melting_face:. So much…

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Looks like a backpacking backpack lol

I have way too many to fit in one picture. This spreadsheet has a link with an individual photo of each though! Shay's FIRST Iventory Stock - Google Sheets

Hehehe, time to cause some confusion :grin:

But we all know that it’s not about the shirts, it’s about the story. Like the time I traded half a llama cake for a 3357 shirt. :crazy_face:


I had a lot of time to trade shirts in 2019 since I wasn’t old enough to be on the team yet, so I’m lucky enough to have gotten a decent size collection pretty quick!

I also have a few shirts from the FTC teams I was on


Something like that. I like to cause mayhem at the Torbots by wearing older team shirts, particularly from the BeachBots, on some days. I’ll have to see if I can find the 2003 Champs shirt, though I think that one landed in the quilt at one point.

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I see you have several FIM shirts. I know that there are several people on my team that would be willing to trade a Gearheads shirt into your collection.

You reminded me i need to buy a BOB shirt sometime in the near future lol

I’d love an 1189 shirt! I sent you a DM

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