Showcasing New Team Fusion #364 Website

Hello, I am Andrew Ingram and this is my first year joining a robotics team.(wooh!) I don’t necessarily work on the robot itself, but I help out the team by working with software development. This year, our team needed a new website. A website that is not only full of information, but also visually appealing. By utilizing the technologies of PHP, HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript along with Javascript frameworks such as JQuery, the new Team Fusion website have been through a complete UI(User Interface) overhaul while satisfying UX (User Experience). A huge step up from the old Fusion website. It features interactivity, simplicity, and much more! :smiley:

This website took approximately 3-4 months to build and it is still growing strong with new technologies!

If anyone would like to check out the new Team Fusion Website, visit here:

Also I am happy to answer any questions you may have! Thank you!

Great job Andrew! You have surpassed all expectations.

I like the look and design elements and how you incorporated your team’s style into the website. Keeping the team branding consistent is definitely important. There’s two parts of the navigation/user experience I think could use some minor tweaks.

First, it’s not super obvious that the atom at the top right is a menu pop-down. Some text or an arrow or some sort of more familiar graphical hint would really help there.

Similarly, after clicking on menu items, my first impression is that I’m looking at a placeholder with no content, because there aren’t any hints that I should be scrolling. It took me 3 different menu selections before I check my scroll bar and realized I needed to scroll down. Another graphical hint here would be useful. The Nintendo Switch page is laid out similarly to yours, but Nintendo’s has the little animated arrow at the bottom that grabs your attention and tells you to scroll down for more.

Also, I get taken to an error page when clicking “Services->Fundraising” then “Gallery->(Top Left Picture)” That top left pic seems buggy on a decent number of the sub-pages, so check on what you’re doing different from the other three.

Otherwise I like the design and it definitely looks sharp. Loads better than any website my team ever managed to get up.

This website is amazing! (and it’s not even done yet :ahh: )

The front page was the first part I loved about it. The cool and interactive clicking was a nice twist that I lured me in to explore the rest of the site. Of course, the first place I had to start was the Mini Games:] (who wouldn’t). I particularly enjoyed Flashy the most. Implementing a Safety section is a very good idea, especially mentioning the safety briefings done at every meeting. And who doesn’t love a good photo gallery to look at. I occasionally go through my team’s old pictures just to relive the memories.

There is so much more that I want to go into but that would just make this too long. All in all, I love your website. Many people will go with a template and fill it in but this is something else. Something incredible!

Keep up the good work and Good Luck this season!

I think it is really pretty! I wish I had your kind of help here. Looking forward to seeing you at Arkansas in a couple of days.