During these last few CRUNCH days, I was pondering about how often other people shower when the robot is due in less than a week. Don’t be squeamish, be honest, because no one showers as often as they would like to anyway.

What brought this to your mind? My team, if they wish to, is able to shower every day. We leave about 6-ish on the weekends and only have quick meetings during the week…

I think if you are to the point where you know you smell, yous hould do all things possible tos hower. I know that you might be tired, but i’ve slept in the shower before, so you really don’t lose a whole lotta sleep… and plus, its kinda gross if you wouldn’t shower cause i know i have a whole bunch of crap on me after robotics…

I tend to be clean in my robotting habits, so this doesn’t make much of a difference. Besides, exertion sweat isn’t bacteriarific for me. What prevents me from showeing daily is sleep. If I shower, it takes longer for me to get to sleep, and I already have a hard enough time getting to bed at 9:00.

And, before you ask, everyone around me feels soo much better when I go to sleep at 9. Sleep deprivation leads to punniness.:yikes:

I’m glad to see that no one picked one of the last two…that would be just discusting :slight_smile:

I am afraid I have to pick the 2nd option. I am at school until 11:30 every night and don’t get home until 12:00. My parents are asleep by then and have to wake up early for work. The rule in my house is that no water after 11. God bless deodorants and weekends. I can get a shower every 3-4 nights.

1 or 2 showers a day is a must.

We have some really nice soap in our shop that gets rid of oil very well. It’s still best to shower to get rid of the sweat, though.

I always shower every day…so if you ever smell a smell, it sure isn’t me.

i prefer to shower everyday… otherwise i feel gross

my friend over here tells me you shouldn’t shower more than once a day, she says: “The fluora on your skin, raises after every shower (fluora is the bacteria and stuff that keeps diseases from entering your body) and stays raised for atleast an hour afterward, hence making one vulnerable. I love my Anatomy and Physiology class

so your lesson for the day: only ONE shower per day… otherwise you have a greater chance of being infected and DYING.

So if you feel inclined in taking more than one shower a day… don’t do it during robotics season (not that you have time), because then you couldn’t work on your beloved robot…

::i still like being clean:: (dirty can be fun sometimes too tho…:wink: )

Those dreaded Wednesdays and Saturdays;
Also known as Showerdays;
I hate them.


Showering every day is a good thing to do. The nose thanks you.