Showing Appreciation

Posted by Andrea.

Other on team #249, The Bulldogs, from Breithaupt Career Technical Center and DaimlerChrysler.

Posted on 11/23/2000 10:15 PM MST

On behalf of the Bulldogs, team 249 I would like to thank Chief Delphi for everything. By holding this invitational it has boosted our teams spirit and really excited everyone about the upcoming FIRST year. The invitational was immaculately put together, and surely it was enjoyed by everyone in attendance. We would like to give special thanks to our alliances team 111 and team 71. We wish good luck to everyone participating in FIRST this year and hope that everyone gain more knowledge about technology.

Thanks Again ----------- The Bulldogs

P.S. Everyone, come look for us, we’ll be the ones in the red and black!!!