Shuffleboard Camera Server image wrapping

Hi all -
Chill Out 1778 is using a Raspberry Pi USB camera server for our robot this year. We are using cscore to stream our image data. We can see the image great just opening a browser to the raspberry pi IP address and port. When we set up a server window in Shuffleboard (to integrate this video with auto chooser stuff), it works, but the MJPEG image is wrapping. I have included normal (web browser) image and the Shuffleboard server image below.


Make sure you have the newest version of shuffleboard

Yes, version 2.2 of Eclipse plugins fixed this issue. Thanks for the tip.

how do i update shuffleboard? i get a message that it is on 1.2.1 and that my version is 1.2.0… asking me to download, i click yes… it download and then ask to restart but never install newer one…

any help would be appreciated

You could be running into this issue:

Are there any spaces in the username?