Shuffleboard Connecting to Update Server??

So I installed eclipse and the WPI plugin on our driver station. We wanted to try Shuffleboard, but when we start it up it seems that it wants to connect to an update Server – we get a window that says “No Connection. Unable to connect to the update server” with no way to continue or close. Our drivers station is only connected to the robot, so of course there’s no internet connection (and there won’t be at a competition event either).

Yesterday, I wire connected the DS to the internet and wirelessly connected it to the robot. In this case ShuffleBoard could confirm it was up to date and ran ok and was fine for the rest of the day. But today, it’s back trying to check the update server today.

Is there any way to disable this update check in Shuffleboard?

Yes, it can be disabled in the settings (when you’re connected to the internet at least). I agree this behavior is not good and is probably a bug.

Yep, this has been fixed. The next release will be much less intrusive, and should be out in the coming days. Forbes’ suggestion will work in the meanwhile

Glad this is going to be fixed. We’ve been using shuffleboard all along this season and are really enjoying it. But after the last update, it basically became unusable. There are other issues besides the update message. If you redeploy code, it stopped working until it was restarted (which was a chore, because you would have to connect to the internet to start). I also found that if I closed shuffleboard, the javaw.exe running it would stick around, eat up memory, and prevent the shuffleboard from being relaunched until I killed it.

So, we had to switch back to the smart dashboard…which, unfortunately, doesn’t recognize the grouping that shuffleboard does. So, all of our data, which is all grouped, wasn’t there until we removed the "/"s.

I hope this information is helpful in improving shuffleboard. As I said, we really like it when it is working well. The multiple graphing capability is very easy to use and works well. The grouping is great, too, and makes it easy to display all the data for a subsystem quickly.

Note you can hit the escape key to dismiss/close the update warning message.

Thanks everyone and especially to Peter for the ESC key tip. Just went out and showed the kids.

I look forward to the next update. Maybe there’s hope for Shuffleboard yet.

It’s already been released :slight_smile: You can update the Eclipse plugins or run shuffleboard’s updater to get it

so we are running 1.2.0… it telling us that there is an update and that the 1.2.1 version is available. We then download and it ask to restart the Shuffleboard… we do that and then whne it restart, it keep telling us that it needs to be updated and we go to the cycle again…

Any help would be appreciated.

Do you have a space in the path? See this issue:

In the meantime, you can update the eclipse plugins to 2018.3.3 or download shuffleboard 1.2.1 from here: