Shuffleboard Coordinate Display

I was just curious if there was a widget that could display (x,y) coordinates on a graph. I was thinking of combining this with some odometry to get a live position on the field where the robot is.

I made a plug-in for shuffleboard that does exactly this

You can get the code here:

And here is an example usage on the robot:

We have a similar widget, but it can also display trajectory and pure pursuit “ideal” paths on the field, and graphs for actual vs ideal positions.

You can install it with a task in your build file, and publish things to the table through this wrapper we have

Those are both super cool! How would I go about incorporating them into the shuffleboard dashboard (I have never made custom widgets or anything)? Would it be possible to overlay the display over an image of the field? Thanks for the responses

Dang that’s neat! I’ll definitely have to take a look at it. Looks much more polished than mine lol

Mine includes a image overlay of the field, not sure about @pjreiniger. All you have to do is build the code and the copy the generated jar file into the plug-ins folder in the shuffleboard folder

Cool, thanks! I will try that as soon as I have access to our bot

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