Shuffleboard docked mode

A small annoyance we have faced since moving from LabView is that we cannot figure out how to run shuffleboard in Docked mode. Is this not possible, or are we missing something?


This is not possible at the moment. There is an issue open for it but no work has happened with it: Need a minimal UI for the DriverStation · Issue #42 · wpilibsuite/shuffleboard · GitHub

You can use the LV dashboard with Java/C++ robots if desired.

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Thanks. We have had issues with the LV dashboard too. We made our own for a while, but Shuffleboard is so much better. It is not too difficult to resize the window.

You could use a tool like GitHub - dtgDTGdtg/SRWE: Simple Runtime Window Editor to set pixel-perfect window position and dimensions to replicate the docked effect on the shuffleboard window. Not as effective as a true docked mode but much more precise than dragging to resize the window.

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Thank you. I was thinking about doing exactly that. We are also going to probably use a second screen at our events so we may go the next step and create a separate .exe that launches an html window and shuffleboard as the default. We have more important things to focus on for now, but I just wanted to make sure there was not something simple we were overlooking. Your suggestion would be a quick implementation for now though.

If your issue is with Shuffleboard taking up space in front of / behind the Driverstation, I would recommend using Microsoft Powertoy’s FancyZones. It allows you to customize Window’s window “snapping” areas.

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Thank you. I will look into this.

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