Shuffleboard graph widget data updating?

We are using the Shuffleboard graph widget to display data, but it seems to have a strange algorithm for updating the display. It seems that it only updates when the value of the data has changed. That seems very weird when you watch it, because you normally expect a graph that shows a period of time to be constantly scrolling to the left, but it just sits there unless the data changes. We found it very difficult to read in real time, since it doesn’t really show you the last 30 seconds of data, but might jump at any moment if the data changed.

We got around the problem by adding a random factor to the data, down below the normal significant digits. That forced the graph to update and look like it should, but now we wonder if there was an important reason to do it the way it was done ans we are shooting ourselves in the foot trying to get around it. Anyone know why it works that way?

That’s a great question, I don’t think I’ve seen that before when we used the Shuffleboard graph widget. AFAIK, the SmartDashboard graph widget operates on a time-based period, but can be used without changing your code, so if you need a quick workaround you can use that.

IIRC, SD is semi-time based. If the data doesn’t change it doesn’t update the graph. However, when an update is received, it jumps to the new time (IE there would be a 10 second gap in data). I’m not sure that’s what the OP was asking for.