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Hi, For this off season, our team will make a shuffleboard for the 2019 season. What do you think are the most important features of a shuffleboard? And how many different tabs should it consist of?

I recommend having one tab for the drivers with as little information as possible on it. This probably means the camera streams and some very important status variables. Let the developer do whatever they want on the other tabs to help them debug while coding the robot.


Thank you for ideas !!

Have one screen for before the match. This tab will have autonomous selection and a small camera stream. When the match starts, you can switch the tab to the main screen.

You could even have a different tab for autonomous or end game.

This year we didn’t switch tabs. One main tab with auto selection, camera and gyro. The other tabs were for debugging. But there are so many possibilities.


And for those few status variables, make sure they have large, easily-visible indicators. A small “TRUE” or “FALSE” is a lot harder to see in the heat of the moment than a large green or red indicator. A raw number output with 5 decimal places that updates at 20Hz is much harder to read than a large dial indicator.

Thank you for help

Thank you for help

One thing our team took advantage of was the ability to create custom Shuffleboard elements. We made a custom widget to show the color output of our color values as a colored rectangle, along with the raw readings.

It is awesome. Me too think like that for do custom widget but i did not find any sources for custom shuffleboard widgets. Can you share your custom widget codes with me pls?

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Check out: (our code)

I know this is a Shuffleboard topic, but I thought I’d put this out there.

Our team’s looking at forking FRC Dashboard, a custom-built dashboard. It does require HTML, CSS, and JS knowledge, but it looks totally worth it. It’s pretty easy to adjust, and it’s well documented.

Shuffleboard’s pretty great, too. The recording feature is a must-use (just sayin’)

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