ShuffleBoard Java Code Looking for Example to Learn

Hello - I am looking for a Java Code Example showing the Shuffleboard coding example. I have been trying to review the WPILIB documentation. I am only getting more confused. The WPILIB example code does not help me understand.

Steven - Mentor - Always Learning

Sure! To help focus an example, what is your goal, what do you want the outcome to be?

I am trying to improve knowledge to teach students for better experience for them.

I would like to look a simple shuffleboard to display the xbox controller inputs from all the buttons and joysticks. It should provide me a good idea of the process on visualization the data.

The next milestone is use shuffleboard to push values back to the robot code to explore the advance features around autonomous modes or alter PID values.

Ours is not advanced usage by any stretch of the imagination, however, we do programmatically build our driver’s interface tab, we use Shuffleboard for PID tuning, and a few other things.

Here is the link to our github.

We have a ShuffleboardInfo singleton class that is responsible for creating (most) of the entries we use. Sometimes commands and other pieces of code will temporarily create their rown.

We have a command called PIDTuning, and ShooterTuning that we used to tune the pid values for our shooter this year.

Hopefully that gives you some examples as to what else you could do with your students.

Thank you - I will start reviewing and learning.

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