Shuffleboard save layout won't save tabs created by code

Hi all, we are using shuffleboard for our callibration and for showing data for our drives team during games, we want to save tabs layout but saving layouts doesn’t save tabs created using `Shuffleboard.getTab(“Drives”).
Creating the tub manually and runing the code with that line just cause the Shuffleborad to contains two tabs with the same name and when saving it’s saves only the one created manually, which is empy.
Right now we drag the things we want to save from the tabs created by code to our manually created tabs.
Is it possible to save tabs layout creaded by code?
@SamCarlberg any insight?

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This is documented:

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Hah, it’s funny that even CSA don’t know it.

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As a CSA, despite giving that appearance while we’re helping at the event, I can promise you that we don’t know everything.


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