Shuffleboard Tabs

Has anyone tried using shuffleboard tabs to add tabs and manage which one is selected? When ever we try it, we get the error “Robots don’t quit but yours did”.

Information found here.

Can you post the entire log output?

Yes I can do that later tonight. Have you gotten it to work?

We did not try that, but this error usually occurs when the code doesn’t compile. The log output usually says what line in what file has an issue.

That message is a runtime exception that is uncaught. 99% of them I’ve seen in FRC are from NullPointerExceptions, which means you are trying to call a method on an object that is not yet instantiated.

The other 1% are trying to instantiate sensors on ports that are already being used by other sensors…

So, above that line that says robots don’t quit you’ll have a stack trace with a line number in it that tells you exactly where the null pointer is when the exception occurred. That is where your code is broken.

We used this feature based on the tutorials in screensteps and got it to work just fine.

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