ShuffleBoard Update

Suffleboard is not updating with in the app. Using the menu to Check for updates or selecting the install and restart both seem to download the update but the install never happens. The app closes and nothing… If I open the app back up its still 1.2.2

Is there a space in your username?

No I seen that in the list of issues of on git

here is our path

C:\Users\Owner\wpilib ools

yes Owner is the name

Shuffleboard might be closing too late for the copy scripts to overwrite the jar file. Does it work if you run the update right after opening, or with an empty layout?

You can download the jar file manually here if it still won’t update. You’ll have to manually download it to C:\Users\Owner\wpilib ools\Shuffleboard.jar

I try to clear the tabs. First I’ll tell you the same thing is happening on our second driverstation that is currently at 1.3.0

Path is:

C:\Users\Gearheads3244\wpilib ools

I renamed the C:\Users\Owner\Shuffleboard\Shuffleboard.json to Shuffleboard_bck.json

opened Shuffleboard

install and restart

it downloaded… shutdown… nothing

What i did notice is I can’t manipulate the save file unless i restart the computer. seems the file is still locked even with the app closed.

Ok So on my “Gearheads3244” laptop I downloaded from the link and replaced the file but again I had to restart the computer because I could not remove or rename the shuffleboard.jar

I left the “Owner” laptop as is if you wish for me to gather other details and test things out. We can continue to chat in this thread or PM.

Shuffleboard is definitely not shutting down properly. The window is gone, but some non-daemon thread is still alive. I’ve only seen this happen when the application or render threads are at high CPU use, or when the garbage collector is particularly busy on those threads

Owner is an i5 Windows7 dedicated driverstation / Eclipse Java Programing Laptop

Gearheads3244 is fresh install i7 windows7 8G ram. Only software installed is the required Java and driverstation software.

So this was broken in March and now its October and its still broken…as I can’t get the auto update to work. I’m trying to understand what the level of maintenance is on SB…