Shuttle Launch!

Is everyone excited? If it gets scrubbed I get to see it launch maybe Sunday! First one ever to see!!!

I hope they keep exploring space!!

I’m very exctied! Especially because it launches at 11:26 amEST!

It’s a very special time in our history and very exciting.


and in case you’ve been hiding in a cave, the shuttle launched successfully.

My son David Mittelman (alum Team236) was at the Cape for the launch because he is a NASA Research Associate this summer in Huntsville, largely because of his FIRST involvement! (High school FIRSTers take note!)

Speaking of caves, he could not post because there was no 3G network available!

I’m sure I’ll enjoy his photos on FaceBook after he finishes uploading them!

except it ended up launching at 11:28 =( but still, it was cool to watch!

I am at USC student orientation, and I on a tour of the dorms when I realized it was about to start. Naturally, I took out my Evo and watched the livestream as I was walking. It was actually extremely effective at finding WiFi dead zones while also being awesome to watch. The engineers tagged along and watched with me.

A very bitter sweet moment for me as I’m sure the entire country feels.

Godspeed to the crew and may they have a safe return.

Even though I wasn’t able to go to the Launch. I still got amazing pictures via a live feed that I found that had great close up pictures. I hope the crew gets back safe and we should sign a petition to keep the manned spacecraft experience going!! I will post up pictures as soon as I get them off my work computer! Space is awesome!

I was at work watching it… along with the group I was working with. (We’d just finished a fair chunk of what we were doing this morning–so it was a great time to stop and watch.)

Hiding isn’t quite the word…Living perhaps? After you add the right lighting, it really isn’t so bad in here. Seriously though, I’m glad to hear everything went well and am wondering why this is the first I heard of it. Guess the news was too busy with their usual trivia.


I was just glad to get a break from the crap about Casey Anthony…

Isn’t this the truth.

We’ll miss them when they’re gone.

Thought I’d share some pictures of rollout and launch of STS 135. I’m going to upload them onExploding Bacon’s forum.

Here are my favorites;sa=media;id=3380;sa=media;id=3378;sa=media;id=3363;sa=media;id=3364;sa=media;id=3376;preview

FYI for all who are in the area: The Solid Rocket Boosters will be coming back to Port Canaveral at noon Sunday 7/10/11, then will be passing through the locks a couple hours later to be returned to the Air Force Base. I will be at one of the restaurants at the port (probably Milican’s) if anyone would like to join. This is what you can expect to see.

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I uploaded video and some pictures I took from the VAB during the launch.

But its on Facebook soooo its basically useless to most people on here…

It’s sad that NASA is being forced to end the shuttle program. Now all we are doing is funding the very organization NASA was created to race.

I think the folks at NASA will continue to razzle and dazzle. If you check their website and follow their updates in places like Facebook, you may find that all sorts of opportunities are available and are being created.

It’s just going to be different and we all know how few of us adapt to change well. I think NASA is about change. Adventure, discovery, new horizons, and change. Continuously.


Hold on to your space suits when you check out this video… The shuttle launch like you’ve never seen it before.

Thanks to Boeing Engineer Paul Lowe, mentor on the 3295 for the link.

Pictures!!! Like Promised. I have many more!!!