:frowning: ok how many are feeling the blues of being sick during the last week of school.

oh wait. do you mean sick of school ? then yes

I’ve got a friend that’s been sick almost ever since we got to school… not much fun

I caught a bad cold in early October, and I thought it had gone away … until about a week ago, when it came back full force.

It’s still raging strong - during finals week. :frowning:

I have a cold and a caugh. I usually nevvvvver get sick… Im also sick of school this week, too many essays to turn in ahhh lol :ahh:

I have the rest of this week PLUS 2 days next week. A lot of you guys should feel lucky…haha :confused:

i ALWAYS get sick right before kick off. so, of course, im starting to get sick right now. it sucks

I always get sick when the weather changes from hot to cold. And I always get really sick in February, just after finals, thankfully, but still in robotics.

It’s mandatory that I get sick at least twice during the winter season, and I’m on my second cold now… so hopefully I got all that over with before build season.

I’ve been taking a vitamin C suppliment while being sick, and I think it seems like it lessens the cold symptoms.

I mysteriously get sick under two conditions:

a) I just left home and am about a week into living in Preston.
b) I just left Preston and am about a week into living at home.

It’s early this time…I left for home on Sunday

The overdueness of school ending, and the onset of finals has given me a disease. I warn you, it’s symptoms are lung infection, sinus infection and bronchitis at the same time. I’ll tell you one thing, those are three dissatisfied triplets. But I’m almost over them, thankgoodness, it’s been almost a month. Toodles everyone, have a good healthy break. With that I present Genia’s end of semester health guide.

  1. Have as many finals in the Cafeteria as possible. Our teachers (some) will let us eat if we have an 8:05 final. Very sweet.

  2. LOTS of DDR. I perscribe it. I’m a future doctor, so I’ll get back to you on the legitimacy of that somewhere around 2015. But right now, it’s good for your bones, your energy, and that cute holiday belly.

  3. Chocolate chocolate chocolate. Hot or cold. Wrapped in a candy bar or poured in your mouth via spoon/spork. Very important to beating the blues.

  4. Freshmen are useful. That is all.

  5. Last, but never least: HUG OTHER SICK PEOPLE! You’re already sick. They’re already sick. Maybe if you spread it back and forth it’ll cancel out a bit hm?