Side Card Relay Led issue, please respond

This is team 3324 and we are experiencing head-ache inducing issues with our side card… Our robot utilizes the relay port for our kicker, and before yesterday, it was driving and kicking just fine. About half-way into our day , the kicker just stopped working without any program change while the motor for our wheels still works through the sidecard. The led on the relay port are lit without a programming running or wire plugged into the port(red and green led). We were wondering if this is a mal-function of the sidecard, or is there a fix? Is it even possible for half of the side card to be broken since the pwm ports works fine with jaguars…

Are you using a Spike module (required I think), and have you checked the fuse on that Spike? Pull out the yellow fuse and look for a burned patch in the middle.
A blown fuse will also cause the LED on the spike module to be off at all times)

It does not appear that the yellow fuse is protected by a 20A breaker on the Power Distribution module.


Check your power and signal (PWM) wiring. If the LEDs are working, then it is not a code issue, its a wiring issue, perhaps you broke or cut a wire unintentionally.

yes the LEDs or the three diagnostic ones anyway are all on however when we first plug it in the jaguars that run the cims are working it is the relay ports that are malfunctioning ports 3-8 are locked on both directions while 1-2 don’t work at all the fuses are fine in the spikes. we are using the same program that worked before we didn’t even cancel the deployment yet when it stopped working between enables. we are going to barrow a sidecar from another team tonight and give that a test hopefully just replacing it will fix our issues and until then at least we can still drive it, just without the spikes triggering as they should. and our wiring is fine just double checked it myself

Please double check that the multipin connector is fully seated at both ends. It may appear to be OK but it is easy for it to be partially inserted and produce some of the symptoms you are experiencing.