Side peg auto club

Gear scoring autos in the center peg are relatively common, but how many robots are out there that can score on one of the side pegs? Let’s find out.

A team is a member of this club if they have placed a gear on one of the side pegs in auto during an official (not practice) FRC match and a video link to this accomplishment is posted on this thread.

2386 did this a few times at the Ontario Durham district in week one.

Hopefully with some improvements such as adding vision to the robot, it will be even more reliable for when we attend Rocket City next weekend.

We had autonomous problems coming out of our ears today and yesterday, but we can get side peg autos. We use grayhills for distance, the gyro capabilities of an IMU for angle, and vision for aligning our carriage that the gear rests in

4143 Mars/Wars has been placing a gear on the peg closest to the boiler side all weekend at CIR! We have only missed it twice. While we are backing on to the peg we are shooting our 10 balls we consistently make 6 balls while doing this. Video proof will be available shortly I’m sure. Doing this with our alliance partners 2481 Roboteers aswell and 2220 Blue Twilight are able to also shoot into the high boiler and get it to 40 KPa in auto. We currently have the world high score of 506 points without any penalties!

Once our programmer finally figures out how to make sure our vision works every time we’ll be good. It was on and off at Orlando and by the end of the day it just wasn’t working at all.

Should have them both by champs, fingers crossed.

5817 did it in Quals 1 at CVR last weekend.

Hoping to get curves side auto going before Western Canada…

4635 did one at the Rock City quarterfinals match 2 but we then moved to do the center auto for semis, due to consistency.

We were about 50% on side peg autos. Our biggest problem was that sometimes the raspberry pi wouldn’t show up on the network and then wouldn’t be able to align with the peg. We later fixed that by changing our 2017 router for a 2016 one.

Here is an example of us making one:

We use an encoder to go forward a set distance, navx to turn 60 degrees, vision to aline, and then an ultrasonic to see when we are close to a peg.

449 will, hopefully, be joining the club at our next district event.

291 got the side peg gear several times at Pittsburgh this weekend!

Awwww yeah we’re bringing clubs back.

Anyone else in the red bumper club?

I think we have some of those. They don’t match our blue theme tho, so they might have to go.

5546 has made several in the Hampton roads event of CHS
But oddly cannot make it from the red side.

What about single rotor club? I’ve definitely seen some teams end the match with 0 rotors so that single rotor club could be pretty exclusive. I

My team doesn’t have red bumpers. We opted for crimson. We are however a part of the zero rotor club.

You have to enter the Powerful Deduction Skills club first though.

Really I want to see a “high speed autonomous collisions club”. THOSE would be cool to see.

For team 3322, Quals 41 at FIM Ann Arbor

Our robot is the one on the far side (relative to the camera).

The video angle is awful but we have done it.

Here’s video proof of 4143 Mars/Wars side peg gear delivery and successful auto rotor spinning. We were successful every match in playoffs and only missed two during Qualifications at CIR.