Side-Wheel vs Flywheel Shooter

As our team starts to design, I’m curious to see what teams believe the pros and cons are of each type of shooter for this game. I personally think flywheel would be more advantageous because of the easy arc control (with an adjustable hood) and possible ability to arc over defense. Side wheel shooter is remarkably fast though and should be able to shoot into the goal from farther away. What has your team deemed the superior option? Why? Am I correct in my analysis of the two shooter types?


Inducing backspin from a ‘hooded’ shooter (they all have flywheels!) generates lift for a straighter shot and prevents the power cells from knuckling. The backspin will also drive the shot down into the power port when the power cell hits inside. All of these traits can be taken advantage of to make a very nice shooter for the power port.

A side-wheel shooter can have a very high exit velocity, but its main advantage is in packaging. A side-wheel shooter can be shorter than the power cell itself by a reasonable margin. This results in a higher release point and a shorter shooting mechanism. These packaging advantages might be highly beneficial for a particular robot layout.

One isn’t inherently better than the other (at least not dramatically). Just lean into the benefits of the one you choose and do your best to execute it well.


I see. Thanks so much for the detailed explanation.


Have you thought about a vertical 2 wheels shooter with a higher speed wheel below. It is kinda a mix between regular side wheel and fly wheel shooter.

One of the benefits of a hooded flywheel is that incorporating a feeding mechanism is much easier - they can be fed directly from the bottom, which is beneficial as a flywheel is generally placed at the highest point on the robot. The twin flywheel design can be a bit more tricky to feed as the feeding direction has to be the same direction the projectile is going to get a consistent feed. Teams have done this before (See: 1114 2014), but it depends on the game. Having multiple game objects can make this design tricky.

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