Sidecar pwm ports 5 and up aren't responding

I really need help on this, im using labview to program our robot
Apparently when i download the code to contol the motors that are connected to PMW ports 5 and 6, they dont respond. When in the driver station, it gives me the error of it being invalid, i dont know how to fix this problem, any help and or advice will be really appreciated.:slight_smile:

mind sharing a snippet of your and

sorry but the laptop i program with isn’t this one

Try taking a screenshot (or a photo of the screen that shows the blocks and connections clearly), and transferring that to the computer you’re posting on.

Although, i used the defualt robot main vi. given in labview and insted of PWM 1 and 2 to be use to move the motors, i switched to 5 and 6 and it wouldnt respond, its the default code with nothing changed.

What wire are you using for the connection from cRIO - DSC? (if it is the ribbon, make sure it is properly assembled, or try a cable you know works).

Also, do the victors/jaguars have a solid light? or flashing? or any?

Are the 3 lights on the DSC lit green too?

And is the module in the proper slot of the cRIO (can open Imaging Tool and make sure the one labled 9403 is green).

We had a similar problem with “higher up” pwm ports (5 and higher) weren’t responding. The problem was from lack of 12 volt power to the DSC. Check to make sure it’s getting 12 volt power from the PDB to the DSC. Then all three lights should light up and the DSC should function properly. At least this is what fixed the problem for us. (Just fyi, without 12 volt power, only the middle light on the DSC lights up.)


I can attest that they’re using a KOP cable, reassembled per the instructions, and the last time I checked, their cRIO modules were in the right places.

They’ve also been able to run on port 1.

also, when i do download the code to run ports 5 and 6, it gives error code
-44061 and that the code is running too slow. any help on how to fix this.

Light status: all green on DSC; Jags 1-4 good.

Yes, thats our status so far, i did disabled our safety config VI’s and i dot get the error any longer, but the motors still dont respond

when you enable the DS, do the Jaguar/Victor lights turn solid (if not, try rotating the PWM wire around, if still does not work then the code isn’t properly getting to the Motor Controllers).

I think we’ve established that it probably isn’t electrical. I got them on the flipped PWM a couple weeks back, when we were trying to get a motor running from PWM 1. They should remember that one…

It’s something in code, I’m reasonably certain–but in that case, why isn’t anything showing up on anything higher than Port 4 on the Sidecar?

In other words: PWM 1, working. PWM 2, working. PWM 3, working. PWM 4, working. PWM 5 or higher, not working. Using the default code and switching say PWM 1 to PWM 5 doesn’t help (though where the switch was made, I don’t know).

I would attempt changing only the PWM back to 1 in the code (and the DSC). And if it works then I guess you have a broken DSC; but if it does not work then it leaves the potential for something else to be the problem (including the rest of the code).

well i tired that, I set the code to run pmw ports 5 and 6, and it didnt work, then i switched back to pmw port 1 and 2 and it worked, so could our DSC be broken?

I’m wondering if the DB-37 cable made contact all the way when it was reassembled. It can’t hurt to check the continuity on pins 5 and higher.

The other thing I’m curious about is, when you have the Jaguar on port 5, with code set for port 5, what is the Jag’s light doing? Yellow solid or yellow blinking?

the jaguars are blinking

No code getting to the Jags. But the Jag power and PWM connections are good at the Jag end.

Definitely check the DB-37 pins 5 and up for continuity. I think there might be something with that due to the reassembly.

Alright so somewhere between the cRIO and the Jaguars, the code is not connecting.

So testing 1 at a time to isolate the problem, I would try a different…

  1. …DSC
  2. …cRIO-DSC Cable
  3. …cRIO Module

If you do this while the robot is Enabled then you can just look for the Jaguar lights to turn solid. For whichever item you changed that time (then works), the resonable idea is that it is that item…