Sidecar stops working mid-enabled, help

So we have been running our robot pretty well, programming is working, and we run it for a while, then eventually the sidecar stops sending signal, or maybe it stops receiving, idk but I know it stops working. I know it is the sidecar because our light goes out, our motors stop responding, compressor stops etc, but we can still use our solenoids just fine until we run out of pressure, I can’t find what the error might be, disabling and re-enabling doesn’t fix it, I am checking now if turning it off and on lets it run again, this has happened once before but it was so late we set it as a project for the next day, but then it was working just fine.

we had this problem a year or 2 ago. make sure there isnt a short happening in the clip that gives power to your relay board. also. take out the cartridges of your crio and make sure theres no dust inside.

hope this helps


The solenoids still work because they are on the solenoid breakout board which is completely unaffected by the digital side car.


check the direct power from your PD board to the digital side car, the wires can come unattached and if a small strand touches another of the other polarity it can short out and not work. if that doesnt work, try replacing the fuse that is powering the circuit to the digital side car. little things can make the difference

There are several other threads on this subject that have been asked in just the last week. The troubleshooting descriptions are lengthy so you should try to use the search feature and read the procedures.

I’m sorry, I did use the search feature, multiple times with different key words, I couldn’t find any addressing my issue. i saw some that weren’t working at all, but none that stopped mid enabled

and I will check that connection first thing tomorrow, that very well could be it, thank you

I checked the clip and there were no shorts, did the cRIO clips as well, changed out our sidecar with another one, I changed the fuse to another 20 Amp as well, so far it is working great, thanks

I’ve searched as well and can’t find the threads you are referring to. We ran into the same problem tonight. I’m pretty sure its a power issue, but can’t pin it down yet. If, it’s not too much trouble, could you post a link to the procedure you are speaking of?

sometimes its something silly, glad it worked out easy for you

One thing for me, I noticed that we had a jumper on one of our pins for our pwms that wasn’t connected to anything, idk if this could have been the issue, but it is something that was changed

A search for 'digital side car" brought several threads including the thread where this is located.

Thank you! It’s amazing the difference in the search results are when you put in “digital sidecar” instead of “digital side car”

We had a similar problem plauging us at the Championship last year. It turned out it was chips of metal from our lift winch getting inside the sidecar. Just a suggestion.