Sideways Battery Possible?

Hello, the HexHounds hope that this post finds you well.

We have a question regarding to the position of the battery, if you can sit it down sideways rather than vertical. I’m sure I’m overlooking something in the Game Manual but if anyone else knows off the top of their head that would be very appreciated.

Thank you so much! Happy building!

The battery can be used in any orientation. The manual has no rules regarding this. I think the only thing that isn’t recommended is charging the batteries upside down. But they can be used in any orientation.

Any which way, but loose.

There are no restrictions on how you orient your battery, just make sure it is held in place well however you mount it.

Thank you guys so much! That’s what we thought after five minutes of searching. Thank you for your time again, we really appreciate it.

This. They should be charged upright, and some have leaked while used upside down, but putting them in the robot sideways is perfectly fine.

Definitely this! Just remember: