Sideways Driving

Well i was thinking that since these balls are so big we could drive our robots sideways so that we would be 38" wide and 28" long. I have not seen anyone else who has done it in previous years so I wondered why and searched the rules and did not find anything. Please help cause it would definitely help my design lift the balls and would probably give you more options.

My team last year used a “sideways” robot and it worked out fine. There’s nothing in the rules that makes it illegal as long as your robot fits the dimensions. The only problem you might right run into is turning, which becomes harder with the wider base.

Good luck!


Your robot can be either long or wide, as long as it can fit within a box 38" X 28" X 60"

we did it last year to have a bigger ramp, worked great

Actually it’s easier to turn with the wider wheelbase.

You can legally build a wide robot, but you’ll have to think about what that will do to your robots stability. A wide robot is more likely to tip forwards or backwards than a long robot, so if you’re holding a ten pound ball in the front, and get hit from the back you could have a problem.

yeah cuz the front and rear axles are so close together its smooth as margerine

but you have to remember that when lining up the robots for hybrid mode the rules state that you have to line up with the short side against the wall, so you would have to turn before driving, it would also make it harder to pass any robots as you would be wider.

I’m missing this one somewhere. What rule says this? That could put a serious dent in many potential designs.

Could you please site the rule that states the short side has to be against the wall in hybrid mode? <G15>, copied below seems to govern the starting position but doesn’t seem to say which edge has to touch the wall.

<G15> ROBOT Starting Positions – Prior to the MATCH, the three alliance ROBOTS must be
placed entirely inside their HOME STRETCH, touching their Alliance Station Wall or the
angled fence in front of their local ROBOCOACH STATION, and not contacting any other