Siemens SolidEdge FRC Tutorials and Sponsor

Hi everyone!

Siemens has recently posted new FRC tutorials on top of their generic SolidEdge tutorials on the Siemens FRC landing page. Their newest one is a wiring tutorial that was made in conjunction with team 3339 as shown here.

They also have an application for a $1000 sponsorship posted and the FRC KOP and Field files hosted there. The application requirements are listed as:

  • Must have a Siemens mentor, coach or family member on the team (one application per team)
  • Download and explore Siemens software, i.e., the free for students: Solid Edge 3D Design
  • Participation in Siemens/ FIRST Robotics reference program
    however some of these are actually somewhat flexible. For example, the mentor requirement is more a suggestion so that you have in person support for the software. Also they would be ecstatic if you used the software but even just downloading it and checking it out could be satisfactory.

I understand that the requirement is flexible, but in the application it is seems to be mandatory.
Unless we don’t have to click on the checkbox to be eligible?

***** Download and explore Siemens software, i.e., [Solid Edge 3D Design]**(**


Should your application be approved, you agree to use Siemens software in the 2020 season and participate in Siemens/FIRST marketing program.


Originally it was a hard requirement but now Siemens is simply asking that the team download and tryout the software and some point instead of requiring it be the main CAD software.

Hopefully this helps and good luck with your season!