Siemmens Westinghouse Competition

I was wondering if anyone out here has ever been involved in the Siemmens Westinghouse Competition. The reason I bring this up is because my two best friends are leaving tonight for Washington DC for the finals of the competition. I was just thinking that we’d probably have at least a few people in FIRST that would have been involved in this competition.

Just an update, my friends came in 3rd place for teams in the competition. From what I’ve heard about other projects, these guys do some amazing stuff.

Last year, two brothers from our school won the team competition, and the older one, who was a senior, went to Yale. Of course, he had published three books, etc. They used a program called Stella to create probability simulators for their probability to get the West Nile Virus. It was pretty cool, as they got tons of national exposure, as did my Chemistry teacher, who was their mentor.

He was already published? That’s cool.

That’s one thing about my friends that really made them stand out. They’re not published or anything like that, and they did their project with no mentor and out of a garage, and were still able to do some real good stuff.