Sight Lines in 2020 - Inner vs Outer Port

How are your scouts planning on differentiating inner port shots vs outer port shots?

To my knowledge, the FMS will give data for an alliance’s inner/outer shots, but I haven’t heard of anything to tell between multiple teams shooting at the two high goals in the same match.


We plan on mostly going off of live scoring and what the scouts can see. Hopefully the error associated with differentiating between the two will even out with enough data.

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Bumping this, because it’s a really interesting probelm.

Here is my best proposal, with lots of drawbacks.

You count individually each ball going into the high goal. Then you give a rating for how accurate they were during that match.

That’s the only way I can think to do it.

Watch a LOT of week 0 with your scouts, and practice making sure they know what a rating of 5 means or a 4 or a 1 or whatever. Helps make it standardized.

This has lots of problems, but given the non clarity of the allance station walls, it’s likely impossible for scouts to track how many balls go to the center

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Can somone who competed in a shooting year like 2006 talk a bit about scouting so many game pieces at once.

There wasn’t an inner & outer goal. I don’t remember it being hard to follow 1 robot. The robot isn’t shooting 90% of the time, keep your head up when it is.

From this field tour video you can see balls going into the inner port go through a separate chute:

But visibility will be difficult unless you are positioned to the far side of the field. Perhaps red and blue alliance scouters can’t sit together anymore?

I considered that, but three problems arise

A: splitting up scouting teams isn’t optional

2: events might run out of space on the far end of seating

C: it would be hard to desrin which balls came from which bots

Perhaps an agreement for scouting where teams will leave a section in the stands so scouts can see shots that make it in the inner port.

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