Sightseeing in Houston

What kind of tourist attractions are there in and around Houston and where are they? (We have all Wednesday afternoon and evening, and possibly Sunday)

Also, does anyone know a good place to go for a team dinner?

I know that my team, 818, is going to the Johnson Space Center on Sunday before we fly home.

Y’all can go down to tour NASA (its actually topical to your trip!!). Just take I-45 south to NASA Road 1, and then go east. Also, a great place for a team dinner would be on the Kemah boardwalk. You would just continue east from NASA, go south on 146, and then its right around there.

If you continue south on I-45 to Galveston, there’s a beach, and also Moody Gardens, which I’ve never been to, but might be pretty cool.

Other than that, I don’t think there’s much more. Try a library.

Attactions in Houston, well there some things to do.

If you guys want to goto the beach in Galveston, it is about an hour south of Houston. If you take I-45 south.

Between Galveston and Houston is NASA Which is in the Clear Lake Area. The Clear Lake area is where 118 is from BTW. If you want to goto NASA, it will usually take a whole day, This is the visitor center Space Center Houston’s Website. If you are in that area you can go visit the Kemah Boardwalk , there they have many places to eat.

To get to NASA you take I-45 South, exit Nasa Road 1. Take NASA road one till you see NASA. To get to the Boardwalk you keep going on NASA Road 1 Till you hit 146, Turn Right on 146 and go over the bridge and turn right, afterwards where you see the sign for it.

In Houston is the Houston Museum District. The best one to goto is the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

You can goto an Astros Game at Minute Maid Park. The stadium has a really cool Retractable roof. They have a series with the Reds From Tuesday through Thursday and with the Cardinals Friday through Sunday. Me and some other FIRST friends are going to 'stros vs Cards Game on Saturday after closing ceremonies.

In Houston there are plenty of Malls to goto. Probably the best one to goto for people visiting is the Galleria. There are plenty of nice places to eat around there.

In that same area there are places to eat on Westhimer Street, Richmond Avenue, and Post Oak Blvd. You can get some of the Best Mexican, Italian, and Country food on these streets. Remeber more people eat out in Houston than in any other city, and Houston has some of the best food in the US.

If you want to see some other stuff goto the Houston Guide.

If you have any other questions or think of something specific you are wondering about, just ask, I bet I could anwser.


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Team 118 will be making a handout that has information about things to do around Houston. However we will be passing them out in the pits so you wont have it to plan for Wed. A lot of teams are going to NASA while they’re down. It’s a nice place to visit. - Heather

I would definitely recommend going to JSC if you’ve never been.

Our team visited their before last weeks Lone Star Regional and it was great. It could have only been better if I was young enough to go into the kiddie play area. They have a neat display on robotics there currently. My favorites were the basketball shooting robotic arm, and the sound changing sensors, and all that other space stuff was kind of cool too. But the best was the pod racer type movie in the thing that moves while you watch it. It was definitely worth the four dollars. I wish I had a chance to see more than I did, we were there from 1:30 to 5:00 and I had to run to make it back to my team before they left. I can’t wait to get back, this cold wet Kansas weather isn’t my friend.

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**Hrmmm… I think I’ll pass… **

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**Hrmmm… I think I’ll pass… **

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**Come on. Now you’re just beating a dead horse. :slight_smile: **

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**I wonder if after that golf tournament those guys’ll go out to a bar and embalm their troubles. **

Maybe the winner will take their prize money and go buy a farm?

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**Maybe the winner will take their prize money and go buy a farm? **

Anyway, I’d figure fishing would be more their sport, as long as none of them fell asleep, or fed the worms.

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**Anyway, I’d figure fishing would be more their sport, as long as none of them fell asleep, or fed the worms. **

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what kind of stores are in the galleria mall?

The Galleria has most of the major mall based clothing stores out there. A bunch of nice department stores. And a bunch of stores with cool gadets and electronics like Sharper Image and Brookstone. Jewlery stores, 3 SunglassHuts, Arcade, Book stores, a few Starbucks. Everything you would expect out of a nice mall.

Here is aMall Directory.

There are 3 or 4 different sections that are all connected together.

The main section is where you are going to find the many places to eat and the ice rink.

BTW, Speaking about Starbucks, comedian Lewis Black described Houston as “The End of the Universe” becasue he saw a Starbucks across the street from another Starbucks in Houston. The Galleria is one building with 2 Starbucks in it. The Galleria is located at the intersection of South Post Oak Blvd and Westhimer. At this intersection across the screet from The Galleria is a Barnes and Noble Bookstore, in that book store is a Starbucks. Across the street from the Barnes and Nobole and adjacent to the Galleria is a stand alone Starbucks with a drive through. I encourage all of you who go to this area to visit this place and see this. Be carefull not to look at two at the same time or you might go nuts at the logical paradox that seeing a Starbucks across the street from a Starbucks creates, not to mention the paradox that two in one building creates. Im not even sure that this site was the one he was talking, about i think there area actually a few more places in Houston with this same
paradox im sorry to say.

Anyways, Sorry that my offtopic rant about Starbucks and Houston was actually longer than the real stuff about The Galleria. Hope this infomation helps.

Here is another website to goto if you are wondering what is there to do in Houston, Citysearch Houston. This site also lets you see user’s ratings of different attractions.

Here is the page with the Sightseeing hot spots.

Also if you guys are in the Galleria Area, you may want to stop off at the Water Wall. It is a nice place to take pictures and hang out. It is in the shadows of Houston’s tallest building, Williams Tower.

They also have stuff about:
The Galleria
Places to eat
Places to shop

Where do the Houston Rockets play?; and do they play on Wednesday or Sunday?