Sign-Up for Florida FIRST Mailing List

Florida FIRST is starting to form, wanna get the newsletter update? Send me a PM, or reply to this thread with your name and e-mail (I hope to be able to set it up so you can add yourself in af ew days, but for now this is how I’ve got to do it).

Oh oh ! FIRST one!

Jimmy Martz
[email protected]

sounds cool mike-- i’ll def. sign up

tiffany lee
[email protected]

sign me up

[email protected]

Hey well you can see what Mike posted. We have been working on FloridaFirst behind the scenes so we can some what having it up by nationals. There has been very hard work from the 6 founders:

Mike walker (21)
Nathan pell (1083)
Dan Richardson (710)
George Wallace (1083)
Andrew Rudolph (1083)
and me Ryan albright (710)

At the championship we will be handing out flyers to all the Florida Teams. So if you are on a Florida team and you dont get a flyer or would like one after nationals you can pm or email me and i will email you a pdf. After nationals please check the FloridaFirst website, We will have it up and so that you can register. The newsletters will either becoming from me or Mike from a central email that we are going to set up. If you have any questions about FloridaFirst please feel free to contact any of the founders.

add me too, mike

mrs p
[email protected]

can we remember to post real names for the email database thank you

Lol, don’t worry bout it Ryan :wink: I know good ole’ Mrs. Passmore :slight_smile: so it’s cool.

I can’t resist. Count me in.

[email protected]

That’s Boudreaux with an x. CD didn’t have enough room for my whole name.

Count me in

Nick pantages

[email protected]

ok guys you have been all added thanks. All Florida team members are welcome so please reply to this message or pm me or mike

Add me to the list

Leslie Moore
[email protected]

how about a non-Florida team?
I would love to see what is going on around the country.

Chris Fultz
[email protected]

By next year it should look a little more like this:
Nathan pell (1083)
Dan Richardson (1083)
George Wallace (1083)
Andrew Rudolph (1083)
and me Ryan albright (1083)

I smell foul play…hehe nah just kidding sign me up [email protected]

P.S. I got no flyer at the nationals…

I believe that Nathan Pell went around to the pits and talked to teams, I think that’s how they handed the fliers out. Either way, by next year… lots of teams will be involved, so the teams that found them won’t matter too much (even though I’ll be the one non-1083 member ;))

Chris, not a problem… once I set it on up and start sending e-mails feel free to recieve them. I already know that once we get going we’ll probably start bugging the other groups around the country and hopefully we can all form a network in between the groups and share ideas and such. :slight_smile:

Ok list updated, in reply to the flyers i was the one that did the most handing out and since i was driving i didnt get to devote as much time as i wanted to. WE got alot of flyers out, but i went to the teams that like we personally dont know and tried to get other teams from Florida involved, becasue we all have strong ties between each ohter but i went out and got teams i have never talked to. So tell everyone on your team to come adn post here and if they dont want to post but want to be on the mailing list tell them to email me at [email protected] and in the subject line put FloridaFirst email database, we want as many people that we can on this so tell everyone!

Sign me up too :slight_smile:
[email protected]

list updated

I hope im on it…

Why would you be on it…honestly? :wink: