Signal Led

Our signal led light is not working.
its connected as written in the poer distribution digram.
we don’t know what to do.

Have you done the DB37 rework as listed here?

If so, check your polarity on the light, try flipping the connector. The positive lead should go to the outside 2 ports on the light, and ground to the center port.

Try connecting the light directly to an unused output on the PD to see if it comes on. If the digital sidecar is feeding the signal light, there is an LED on the board next to the RSL white, two pin connector on the DSC. If that is not coming on, the RSL will not work. The LED is in parallel with the connector. It is also possible for a student to terminate the connector without actually having the wire electrically connected. If all else fails, on rare occasions, the LED may actually be defective.

you powered the sicard right?

and for the light you connect the two outer ports together with a wire this is going to be positive and you connect the black - to the middle port