Signal Light Problems

Our RSL, nor the corresponding LED on the sidecar, will light up as it is supposed to. Everything else on the DSC works, and all 3 power LED’s are illuminated. We have changed cables, lights, re-imaged the crio, and tried 3 DSC’s. We have also tried two DB37 cables, both confirmed working.

Has anyone else experienced this problem or has suggestions on how to fix it?

Does the LED light up if you disconnect the RSL? If not then I suspect the fuse protecting that circuit is blown due to a short in the wiring to the RSL.

The LED does not light up even when the RSL is disconnected. Would a new sidecar work? We have several spares and I can test it out tomorrow.

Are your modules installed in the correct order in the cRIO? It should be analog then digital, then solenoid. I’m embarrassed to admit we spent an hour today chasing a non-working RSL before I cottoned onto that problem.

Try it. Leave the RSL disconnected and check the LED on the DSC first. Then if you’re sure there are no shorts in the wiring of the RSL you can connect it and see what happens.

Also Kevin may be on to something so you want to check you have the cRIO modules in their proper places. Same thing happened to us last year.

We’ll make sure to verify the positions of the modules tomorrow.

The most common issue is that teams have not connected the required +12 volt input to the DSC to a dedicated breaker output on the PD. If all three power supply LEDS on the DSC are not lit at full brilliance, then the RSL will not light.