signal light

does anyone have a diagram to show how to wire the signal light? We need help.

It’s in the manual. Here’s a link:

Look at area A/B 4 on the diagram and you will find the signal light. It gets connected to the Digital Sidecar RSL terminals. Make sure you have the polarity correct. It also appears the two positive terminals on the signal light connect together to a two wire feed that runs to the digital sidecar.

I’m sorry I should have been more specific. What wire should we be using? Should it be the red, white and black wire? Should it come on with the battery power or only through the programming?

I believe there is a 2 wire cable in the KOP for this purpose, about 24 inches long. Check the KOP inventory and pictures. It is probably already in the software, as it indicates problems to the field personnel, but I am not certain. :slight_smile:

It should come on when the robot is powered up. They usually blink, and at various rates from robot to robot (in the past)

We used 20 Gauge wire, one end connects directly to the connector on the back of the light, the other end has a two-pin “PWM-Type” connector on it tjat goes to the RSL connector on the digital sidecar. It does not use the 3-pin PWM (red/black/white) connector, but I suppose you could.

That 2 pin wire (gray outside, little green tag on it) is really for the solenoid valves, not the signal light. Can’t say if it’s the best choice.

Don’t worry about the light today. When you get to your first event there will be plenty of help. Just be sure to bring everything from your KOP to the competition. Ask the teams next to you in the pit or check in with your Lead Robot Inspector for help and assistance.

The easiest way we’ve found is to use the 2-wire jumper cable from the KoP (the first item on page 12 here). One end plugs into the 2-pin connector on the digital side car (right next to the power connection). The other is stripped and hooked up to the robot signal light. Gnd (or -) goes into the middle position, positive to both of the outer positions. Usually this means you have a small length of wire that goes from one to the other, with the lead to the side car going in one.

The light comes on once the cRio has booted up. When you first turn on the robot, it’ll stay dark for about 10 seconds or so. By the time the driver station tells you everything is ok, the light should be flashing.

Thanks for all your input. It was something we kept putting off until the end and low and behold we never did get it to work. We just put it in with the robot and it is on our long list of things to get done at Regional when we get to unbag our robot.