can we put signals in the robot for the 2011 game

What do you mean by signals?

Turn Signals?

Position Signal lights?

Hands to Hand Signal with?

signals that could tell the human player what tube to put out.

Assuming that no other rules are broken in the process, then it’s perfectly legal to build and use a Human Player Signalling device on your robot. Our team is using an array of LEDs and so are many others.

I gather that a spike relay must be used to interface each signal light. That would be 3 spikes to cover the 3 logos.

Any other options?

Program one spike to control two LEDs which would mean you need two spikes.

Or control 3 LEDS with 1 spike. granted you could not have all the on off states of the LEDS.

I also believe you are able to use the Digital and analog outputs for this purpose

Ooooh getting smancy! :slight_smile:

A “simple” idea using some 12v bulbs, a cheap flashlight housing and reflector, and a servo with some lexan attached to it. One could also just make some non-powered “flags” and attach them to the servo as well, have em poke through your bodywork or whatnot.

Were making led boards and putting pwm’s on them and plugging them in to a digi sidecar

Another option is this handy signalling light from AndyMark available 3/4

It uses a spike relay to control the LEDs

Not available until March 4th darn.

We use an array of LEDs in the shape and colors of the FIRST logo, plugged into the digital outputs of the sidecar.

Here is a good photo of it.


Here is what we are using:

I would find the strips locally though as they are in Hong Kong.

Ours are stuck to a piece of lexan in tube shapes and colors.

We’re using special Safety glasses that plug into the pSoC which lights up a HUD which tells our human player which tube to put out.

I’m not sure I understand. Is your human player wearing these safety glasses with the HUD, 50 feet away from the pSoC?

Probably not. But Our drivers can wear the HUD equipped saftey glasses to see what the camera is tracking if they prefer not to look down at the driver station.

Our signaling device. Lights up in red, white, and blue!

Photo courtesy of Joseph Menassa.

We put blue and red LEDs inside of a pingpong ball mounted to the side. Works pretty well. Red on, blue on, or both off.

Not sure what you mean by “signal”, but here’s what we have for notifying the feeder of what tube we want (it’s mounted inside the robot):

LED strips, PVC Piping, and yes… CDs!!!

(You can see all the flashy lights and what it’s made of here: