Significant Change coming to FRC (in 2020)


An email blast went out this morning:

**Announcement and Preview of a Significant Change **
Tune in to our Twitch Channel on Tuesday, November 13 at 7:00 PM ET to hear the announcement and preview of a significant change to the FIRST® Robotics Competition season starting in 2020. Frank will make this announcement, as well as answer questions from the community. Documentation will be available after the show.

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Let the speculation begin!!!

Unless someone here has some inside knowledge…


OK, someone has to say it, might as well be me.



Speculate wildly.


I can only imagine this has something to do with the bag, or the roboRIO.

The bag? Eh, maybe. If they were going to do it, announcing now for 2020 feels about right.

2019 will be the fifth season of the roboRIO; the cRIO lasted six (with the 4-slot coming in midway), the PIC-based IFI system lasted five. So, maybe that?

I believe the 2Champz contracts run through 2020 (so a change there couldn’t start in 2020), but correct me if I’m wrong. I doubt that bringing back Festival of Champions would bring such a tease, considering the original FoC didn’t get a tease (nor did 2Champz).



I think it’ll make Marshall mad that they aren’t tossing bag day soon enough.


Significant change, more than a year’s notice… my money is on a change to the season calendar. The dates for Champs have already been announced, and with the legal contracts signed with the venues, I doubt those will change. That gives us possible changes to kickoff or stop-build day


It’s already been announced that the roboRIO based control system will be used in 2020 (and 2021).

I believe the 2Champz contracts run through 2020 (so a change there couldn’t start in 2020), but correct me if I’m wrong.

Dates have already been announced for the 2020 Championships.


I think they will ban gifs.


I predict we will no longer [strike]be allowed to[/strike] need to build two robots.


Given the previous announcement of an extended contract with NI through the 2020 and 2021 seasons for the “roboRIO technology”, I doubt that’s the case.


[no disrespect intended]Marshal is just an angry guy. [/no disrespect intended]



Bringing back the parody contest


Nailed it.


It’s because of all the sand from the sandbags.


Having seen some of the speculation in the other thread, I’d like to apologize for the exclusion of some obvious choices in this poll. Unfortunately, I can’t edit the choices.


Yeah… it’s going to be 8x8 pits, non-breakaway lanyards, and foam tiles for everyone. Duh. Why leave NC as the only district with these amazing progressive policies since they are so effective?


Mentor built coming in a week before a possible announcement. I know where I am going to be getting all my leaking information from. Thanks Bailey.